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RMG takes the right for privacy seriously and as one of our core values. We’ve built RMG’s processes from the ground up with that in mind. That’s why privacy compliance is part of our company’s DNA. Our technology is built on the basis of strict privacy regulations and is compliant with all existing German data protection regulations and will be in line with all forthcoming EU regulations.

One of the most crucial parts in marketing in modern times is collecting and utilising personal data. Therefore all applicable provisions of data protection regulation must be complied within the context of the collection, processing, transmission and storing of this data.

We successfully completed the rigorous ePrivacy technical and legal security audit to earn the ePrivacy Seal, a marketwide accepted data security certification based on German and European data protection law.

Consumer Privacy at the core:

  • No personally identifiable information (PII) is stored, processed or transmitted by RMG, so no trace back to an individual user is possible for RMG
  • All analyses and marketing campaigns are 100% based on pseudonymous IDs
  • Technical and legal adherence to European data protection law

RMG is certified as “GDPR ready”


The European Union pushed forward a new EU Data Protection Reform formly known as GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) and signifies the new laws regulating consumer privacy in Europe effective May 2018 in interplay with the currently developed ePrivacy Regulation. RMG is certified as “GPDR ready”.
We are certified as “GPDR ready”.

We are not responsible for and cannot control the data collection practices of our retail partners granting RMG a right to use pseudonymous data marketing purposes. If you have any questions about that you should read the privacy policies of our partner’s websites that you use in order to learn about collection, storage, processing and submission of data by RMG’s partners.


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